Hello, babblers!
Today I want again to talk about my favorite topic – rhetoric, especially how reading affects it. I know that this fact is as old as the hills but literature (in any forms – lyrical, fictional, journalistic etc.) helps absolutely in the formation of correct pronouncing and spelling.
Unfortunately, people of the global world of today have less and less free time and reading logically lefts behind. Recently, I also rarely find my 30-40 minutes for enjoying reading a good book or magazine.

It seems that the second somehow fits easier into my schedule. I am really satisfied with the latest lifestyle magazine that I bought – Biograph. Obviously, the marketing manager of the media, Svetlio Kantardzhiev, fully understands the dynamics of the modern world and the need of magazines like that one, which are the preferred choice of smart and intelligent people.
With Biograph I was drinking my coffee every morning in the past week and I must say that it is totally inspiring for starting the day with cultural news from Bulgaria and all over the world. In addition, people go to work smiling, learning how others create beauty and that the best is yet to come. Furthermore, I maintain a good level of language knowledge, which, as you know, is placed on a pedestal for me.
What about your opinion, do you agree with the statement that reading affects our cognition, both in general and literary aspects?

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